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for sale by owner open house

Sold By Gabe is understands that not all homewoners can afford a real estate professional to help them sell their home. Our way of giving back is, in understanding economic hardships or simply not enough room in the budget for an agent is that we host FREE OPEN HOUSES for homeowners that have decided to sell their home without and agent. While we do not represent the seller, we can provide traction to their home through our network.

Buyer Representaion

We understand the complexity in buying a home. Whether it is your first time or your fifthteen time. The process is still scary and stressful. We make it a point to help buyers understand the process. We help you understand your options and help you as you navigate the process of buying real property. Whether investment or personal, we have experience above and beyond the standard. As licensed general contractor we can answer questions that most other agents can't.

Seller Representation

With a strong background in marketing and development, Sold By Gabe provides homeowners many different resources for selling their home. From unique structured plans on listings to exploiting our strong network connections, we do whatever is in our power to get your home sold quickly and for the best amount possible.

With a background in construction we also understand what it takes to make sure that we help eliminate those red flag items that scare buyers.

Most important from our persepctive is our attention to detail. From decluttering ideas to full staging or simply creating a positive ambient environment for buyers.


how we work?

Reaching Out

It all starts with a conversation.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we want to know more about you. Understanding your needs and wants for buying or selling helps us customize our marketing strategy to either find you the right home or sell your home based on a list of priorities.

For buyers it is usually a more detailed process. Finding the right home is key. Understanding the needs for them and/or their family is one of the strongest elements to the process.

For sellers we have found it most important to know the reason for selling. If the home is proposing financial insecurities, then we may discuss being more agressive. However, if the an upgrade property was recently purchased it may be a less agressive and more financially beneficial sale that is seeked. In any respect, all situations are different and require a USP (unique selling proposition).